Career Trip Policy

The Fletcher Career Trips play a critical role in the reputation of Fletcher in the eyes of the employers. It is incumbent upon all career trip participants to uphold the highest professional standards when participating on these trips which means applying the same standards to each event as you would if it were an individual one-on-one interview.

To participate in the NY or DC Career Trip, all participants are required to observe the following Career Trip Policy which was established by a committee of Faculty, Students and OCS *:

  • Attend all events for which you have registered, including panels,  site visits and receptions. Attending events for which you are not a confirmed participant is a violation of the career trip policy.
  • Show up on time and stay for the duration of all panels and site visits.
  • Any changes to your schedule and/or cancelling from the trip completely must be completed/submitted by emailing Kailey Whelan at
    • The deadline to submit cancellations or request alterations for the New York Career Trip is 11:59PM EST on Wednesday, December 18, 2019. 
    • The deadline to submit cancellations or request alterations for the DC Career Trip is 11:59PM EST on Sunday February 2, 2020.
  • Violation of the terms of this policy will result in a $100 penalty.

* Due to transgressions by students in the past with negative results for the school (loss of opportunities for future students with employers), a committee of students, faculty and staff met to establish this Career Trip Policy as a requirement for students to participate in the Fletcher Career Trips.

There have been situations where employers have discontinued their participation in the career trips because too many students did not show up or arrived embarrassingly late, repeatedly interrupting the speaker. As a consequence, the students themselves chose to impose the $100 penalty on fellow students to ensure every trip participant is aware of his/her responsibility to represent Fletcher with the highest standards of professionalism. Any funds collected go towards summer internship funding available to all students.


In recognizing that these violations often result from extenuating circumstances beyond the students’ control, such as a last minute formal interview, flight cancellation, or illness, Fletcher offers an official appeals process to students who have been marked in violation of the career trip policy. Following the trips, you will be contacted about your policy violation.  You are welcome to submit an appeal (brief paragraph) explaining your situation. These appeals will be reviewed by the OCS Committee.

If you choose not to appeal the penalty or are ruled to be at fault following an appeal, please write a check to “Trustees of Tufts College” for $100.00 and drop it off at with the Administrative Coordinator in the Office of Career Services. Cash is also acceptable. All funds collected go towards summer internship funding for students.