Date: Friday, February 22

Time:  9:30 am – 10:45 am   (Please make sure to build in travel time to Rosslyn.)

Student Capacity: 15

Location: 1735 N Lynn St Rosslyn, VA 22209

Citizenship Required: Open to all students but please note:

We’re mainly focused on US National Security issues, so many of our roles are more geared to US nationals. That being said, we can and have hired international folks, depending on their individual visa situation.

Fletcher Facilitator:  Brent Shawcross

Additional meeting instructions:  We’re right across the street from the Rosslyn metro. We’re on the 6th floor and the security guard in the lobby can let everyone in.  Please arrive 10 minutes early.


Additional Information:  Present at the site visit will be a mix of Analysts, Engagement Managers (who oversee each engagement and own high level client relationships), and Business Development folks (if there are MIBs coming).  We also hope to have someone from leadership (either our CEO or the President of our National Security Practice) come for part of it if their schedules allow. We’ll have someone from HR there to answer hiring questions.

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