World Bank

Date: Friday February 21, 2020

Time: 9:00AM – 11:00AM

Student Capacity: 35

Location: 701 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20006 (“J” Building) Room J 1-050 (Auditorium on J Lobby Level)

Citizenship Required: Open to all students.

Fletcher Student Facilitator: Arman Sapargaliyev, Konstantina Gota and Glykeria Margariti.

Additional Meeting Instructions: Student Facilitator will meet in the lobby of the “J” Building at 8:30 sharp. It can take time to go through security. The first 60-75 minutes will be an overview of the World Bank and how to “get your foot in the door” along with Fletcher alumni sharing their career stories and the work they do at the Bank. The next 45-60 minutes will be for Q & A and informal networking. Please make sure to bring a government issued ID, passport or license to enter the building.


  • Colum Garrity (F’98) | Senior Social Development Specialist, Knowledge and Learning| (Coordinator of site visit – confirmed)
  • Louise Cord (Ph.D. from Fletcher| Global Director, Social Development | (confirmed panelist)
  • Gailius J. Draugelis (F ’94) | Lead Energy Specialist | (confirmed panelist)
  • Oleg Petrov (F ’97) | Senior Program Officer, Digital Economy Development |       (to be confirmed)
  • Lucia Avila Bedregal (F’18)Consultant, AgricultureGP Division  (to be confirmed)  
  • Laura McElroy (F’17) | Social Protection and Labor – KNOWMAD (to be confirmed)
  • Merita Salihu | Regional Portfolio Coordinator, West and Central Africa, Infrastructure PPPS | (to be confirmed)

Organization Website Here

Additional Information: Information about careers and internships can be found here.

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