Career Trip Advice

  1. Be early. Coordinate with other students attending the same sessions well in advance to make commuting easier. Leave plenty of time for travel before and between events, and make sure to wear comfortable dress shoes. Many venues have lengthy security procedures, so be sure to arrive early at these venues so events start on time.
  2. Do your research. Research organizations ahead of time and identify speakers, alumni, and other practitioners in attendance with whom you’d be interested in speaking.
  3. Generate a list of questions. As you’re doing your research, begin thinking of thoughtful questions you may have about organizations and individuals in attendance. Each panel will have a Q&A portion for general and widely-applicable questions. For more specific questions, wait until after the presentation to approach the speaker. Keep in mind that during site visits, it is not appropriate to ask for an internship/job unless the host brings it up, nor is it appropriate to ask for someone’s contacts in a group setting. At the end of the visit it is appropriate to ask if they anticipate any internships or full time openings and the type of skills and or qualifications they look for in a candidate and what makes someone successful at this organization
  4. Follow up. Send a thank-you note to alumni and other practitioners you meet to continue the rapport you build with them during Career Trip events.
  5. Look the part. Suggested dress for all events is business attire. Treat each event as you would a personal, one-on-one interview, even if it is a group event. When you interact with alumni and other practitioners in attendance, you are representing Fletcher, so make a positive impression.
  6. Remember PDP. If you feel your networking and professional communication skills are a bit rusty, consult the appropriate PDP guides on FCC. Have your elevator pitch ready in case an opportunity presents itself.
  7. Know your facilitator. Each event will have a student facilitator in charge of communicating event details to the group, managing attendance, and moderating events. Make a note of who the facilitator is at each event you are attending so you can reach out to them if necessary.
  8. Set up informational interviews: If you have time the day before or during the career trip, utilize that time to make connections with colleagues and/or alumni at organizations you may eventually want to work for.
  9. Attend all events for which you are registered. Our attendance policy at Career Trips is strictly enforced, and failing to attend and sign in at an event for which you are registered or showing up at an event for which you are not registered will result in a $100 fine. Please be on time, and be sure to sign in with your student facilitator at each event.


When is the trip? 

Thursday and Friday, January 9-10, 2020

How is the trip structured? 

The trip is comprised of panels, site visits and an evening reception. Students are also encouraged to set up informational meetings on their own.

What is the purpose of the trip? 

The trip should be viewed as an opportunity for career exploration, information-gathering about specific organizations, and networking with practitioners in certain career fields. For first-year students still figuring out their career path, the NY Career Trip introduces students to careers related to the Fletcher degree and provides them the opportunity to get their questions answered. For graduating students, the trip is a chance to meet alumni and others currently employed in their fields of interest.

Can I use the OCS Travel Subsidy for this trip? 

No. The Travel Subsidy is intended only for career fairs and conferences with no Fletcher affiliation or sponsorship.

What do I wear on the trip?

Business attire is strongly suggested.  Suit jacket, slacks and a tie for men.  Suit or jacket with pants/skirt or dress for women.  Freshly laundered attire and clean shoes will complement your professional presentation!

What should I bring on the trip?

If you haven’t already done so, please order business cards and have your resume reviewed by an OCS coach. Bring a few copies of your resume along, just in case. Don’t forget your name tag. If you have lost your official name tag, replacements are available for $10. Please see the OCS Administrative Coordinator or email us.

Should I bring business cards? Where do I get them?

You should bring business cards. You can order them from Gnomon Copy, using this order form. They take about three days to print, so please plan ahead.

Should I bring my resume?

The DC Career Trip is not a recruiting trip. It is mostly intended as an information gathering and networking opportunity; you should not be handing out your resume. That being said, it is better to be prepared – if someone asks you for your resume, it would be great to say, “Actually, I have it right here.” Better to have it and not need it than the other way around.

How do I get to New York, and where can I stay? 

You are responsible for booking your own travel and accommodations for the trip. OCS does not have the ability to provide transportation or housing assistance. Further information is available on our Travel Info and Accommodations pages. Please be advised that traffic and weather can cause delays. Be sure to remember this when booking your travel plans.

The site visits on the schedule don’t interest me and/or I didn’t get into my top choice of site visit for a particular time slot. What do I do?

Set up informational interviews with NYC Fletcher alumni or others working in organizations that interest you! Search Fletcher’s Online Community for alumni working in New York. If you are having difficulty accessing the Online Community, please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, who will be happy to assist you. Don’t know how to get started asking for an informational interview? Download our Networking PDP Guide available on Fletcher CORE.

I’m an incoming/outgoing Januarian. Can I go on the trip?

Incoming Januarians are not able to attend the NY trip in the semester they start at Fletcher, since they will be at Orientation during the trip, and registration occurs before they have gotten to Fletcher. However, they are able to attend the trip that occurs as they leave Fletcher. (For instance, if a student starts at Fletcher in January 2020, they cannot attend the trip in January 2020, but they can attend both the 2021 and 2022 NY Career Trips, even though their last semester was Fall 2021. Additionally, they ARE allowed to attend the 2020, 2021, and 2022 DC Career Trips.)

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