FAQ and Trip Tips

What are the Washington DC Career trip dates?

Thursday and Friday, February 24 and 25, 2022.

Will the trip be virtual or in-person? 

The 2022 DC Career Trip will be conducted entirely virtually via video conference, and will be comprised of site visits and panel discussions in three time slots over the two days.

What is the purpose of the career trip? 

The trip is an opportunity for career exploration, and information-gathering about specific organizations, and networking with alumni and practitioners in various career fields. For first-year students exploring their career paths, the DC Career Trip introduces students to careers related to the Fletcher degree and provides them the opportunity to get their questions answered. For graduating students, the trip is a chance to meet alumni and others currently employed in their fields of interest.

What do I wear on the trip?

Even though the trip is being conducted virtually this year, business attire is strongly suggested. When you interact with alumni and other practitioners you are representing the Fletcher School, so make a positive impression.

What is a Student Facilitator?

Student Facilitators are responsible for communicating with the Site Visit host as well as co-hosting the session (managing any Q&A, taking attendance, etc). During registration, you will be asked to indicate if you would like to be considered to be a student facilitator for one of the site visits. Note: Agreeing does not mean you are committed to being a student facilitator, or guarantee you will be selected. If selected, you will receive an email from an OCS team member about two weeks before the trip.

Career Trip Tips
  1. Do your research. Research organizations ahead of time and identify speakers, alumni, and other practitioners in attendance with whom you’d be interested in speaking.
  2. Generate a list of questions ahead of time. As you are doing your research, begin creating a list of questions you may have about organizations and/or hosts as most site visits include a Q&A portion.
    • Try to keep your questions general and widely-applicable. For more specific questions, wait until after the presentation to approach the speaker or ask contact information to inquire directly.
    • Keep in mind that during the virtual site visits, it is not appropriate to ask for an internship/job unless the host brings it up, nor is it appropriate to ask for someone’s contacts in a group setting.
    • At the end of the visit, it is appropriate to ask if they anticipate any internships or full-time openings and the type of skills the positions need. You might ask what qualifications they look for in a candidate and what makes someone successful at that particular organization.
  3. Update Your Résumé and Upload to Fletcher CORE: Site Visit hosts often request résumé books of the student attendees, so you have the option to upload a DC Résumé to your Fletcher CORE profile to be included in each résumé book. In order to ensure the resume is up-to-date and properly formatted, you must upload an updated resume with the file name “DC Resume_Last Name, First Name” to CORE. Résumés will be reviewed for formatting, and you will be notified if changes need to be made to be included.
  4. Note the student facilitators. Make a note of who the student facilitator is for each session you are attending so you can reach out to them if necessary.
  5. Follow up. Send a thank-you note to alumni and other practitioners you meet during the virtual Career Trip to continue to build rapport with them.