Registration Process

How to Register

  1. A link to register for the trip will be emailed to your Tufts email address between 9:00AM – 9:15AM EST on Friday January 28. Please note that the registration email is staggered to prevent overbooking of site visits. Students are sent the link in a random order to ensure fairness. 
  2. Registration will be first-come first-served. When registration goes live, it is in your best interest to be ready with your desired organizations of interest and make your choices quickly to ensure they don’t fill up. Be sure to review the information on the Site Visits pages ahead of time!
  3. Registration Structure:
    • Student Information and Attendance Policy Agreement
    • Interest in being a student facilitator: student facilitators are responsible for communicating with the Site Visit host as well as co-hosting the session (managing any Q&A, taking attendance, etc). You can indicate if you would like to be considered to be a student facilitator for one of the site visits. Note: Agreeing does not mean you are committed to being a student facilitator, or guarantee you will be selected. 
    • Site visit preferences for each time slot (six in total): first, second and third choice
      • If your first choice site visit is full, there will be an option to sign up for a “waitlist”, as well as select a second and third choice as alternatives.
      • You will be kept on the waitlist until the withdrawal deadline (Sunday February 6) in case a spot opens up, then you will automatically moved into your next open selection. Note: if you register for a waitlist but do not select alternatives, you may not end up with a site visit for that time slot.
  4. You will only be able to register ONCE, so make sure you have thought about alternative sessions you would like to attend if the seats are full at your first choice session.

Site Visit Schedule and How to Withdraw

  1. Tentative Site Visit Schedule: On Wednesday February 2, you will receive an email from the OCS confirming your tentative site visit schedule; depending on your selections, you may be on the waitlist for one or more site visits. In this case, you will be kept on the waitlist until the withdrawal deadline, then moved into your next open site visit based on your selections. If a spot opens up on a site visit you are waitlisted on, you will be notified.
  2. Withdrawing: You may withdraw from any individual site visit or withdraw from the entire career trip by 11:59PM EST Sunday February 6 by emailing Changes requested after this date will be considered a violation of the Career Trip Attendance Policy. Note: if you withdraw from a site visit, you will NOT have the option to request a different session in its place.
  3. Finalized Site Visit Schedule: You will receive your final site visit schedule on Wednesday February 9. There will no changes to your schedule after this time.