Date: Friday February 25, 2022

Time: 9:00AM – 10:15AM EST

Citizenship Required: Open to all students (Note to international students: international hires are more challenging, but not out of the question and that there are other opportunities with platform offices in other locations)

Student Facilitator: TBD


  • Colleen Green (F’93) | Vice President, Economic Growth
  • Alexandra Heffern (F’21) | Associate Recruiter, Economic Growth
  • Kendra Poole (F’20) | Communications Specialist, Digital Frontiers project
  • Angie Quintela (F’07) | Senior Project Manager, Global region
  • McLane Harrington (F ’20) | Project Associate

Organization Website Here

Additional Information: For positions in the U.S., specifically in our head office in Bethesda, DAI recruits people with U.S. citizenship, green cards and work permit status.  We recruit all nationalities for our projects outside of the U.S. Our office in London also requires UK and EU citizen and residency status (although that is going through some transition with Brexit).

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