Fletcher Women’s Network Panel

Date: Friday, February 21, 2020

Time:  12:30-2:00 pm

Location: K&L Gates LLP ,  1601 K Street, NW, 1st floor, lobby, Washington, DC 20006  (Room 1A)  1A is located behind the K&L Gates reception desk.  

Citizenship Required:  Open to all students

Fletcher Facilitators:  Halsey Diakow and Abigail Kukura

Additional meeting instructions:  This session is informal and off the record. Each student should bring their own lunch to the session. It’s fine to participate in this session while eating your lunch. 

Panel speakers: 

  • Rabia Altaf, (F’16), |Chief of Staff, Raytheon Company| (and FWN DC Board member)
  • Marlene Houngbeji, (F’14) |Supervisory Refugee Office| US Department of Homeland Security 
  • Kristina Jeffers, (F’06) | Program Director |National Democratic Institute
  • Alejandra Mazariegos, (F’17) | Consultant, Climate Change Consultant,|World Bank  (and FWN DC Board member)
  • Laura Mulvey, (F’18) | International Program Specialist | NASA
  • Grace Tamble, (F’19) |Climate Change and Sustainability Specialist, ICF


  • Carlisle Levine, (F’99) | President and CEO, BLE Solutions, LLC  (and FWN DC Board member)

The overarching topic for our discussion will be “Advocating for yourself in the workplace.” Under that, we have three sub-topics

  • Finding initial jobs out of graduate school and the 1st 1-5 years out
    • Salary negotiations
  • Harassment/ discrimination in the workplace
  • Work-life balance issues


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